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Analysis on three dimensional water droplets impingement characteristics of engine inlet
Shen Xiaobin, Lin Guiping, Yang Shenghua*
School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing 100191, China

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Abstract�� Droplets impingement characteristics of a certain 3D engine inlet were analyzed using an Eulerian method with numerical diffusion. Calculation of 3D complex body’s local droplet collection efficiency was conducted in the compressible flow field. With numerical diffusion, the problems of singularity and divergence were solved. Cases of different mass flow rates were calculated with and without cowling. Results show that mass flow rate influents on the impinging area and amount around engine inlet lip. The bigger is engine mass flow rate, the larger is the maximum local droplet collection efficiency. The results also show that the influence of cowling on this engine-s impingement characteristics is very small in these cases.
Keywords�� engines   droplets impingement characteristics   Eulerian method   flow rate   cowling     
Received 2009-11-13;
About author: ������(1985-),��,���ϻ�����,��ʿ��,sxb762@163.com.
������, �ֹ�ƽ, ��ʤ��.��ά������������ˮ��ײ�����Է���[J]  �������պ����ѧѧ��, 2011,V37(1): 1-5
Shen Xiaobin, Lin Guiping, Yang Shenghua.Analysis on three dimensional water droplets impingement characteristics of engine inlet[J]  JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF AERONAUTICS AND A, 2011,V37(1): 1-5
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