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�������պ����ѧѧ�� 2012, Vol. Issue (2) :185-190    DOI:
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Dynamic analysis and simulation of soft-landing for lunar lander
Luo Songbai, Zhao Yongjia*
School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing 100191, China

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Abstract�� Taking the four-leg lunar lander as the study object, the lander's component structure and lunar physical attribute was analyzed. When studying the lander's dynamics, a block parameter simulation method based on structure was proposed, which analyzes the lander's dynamic behavior during the landing moment, derives the buffers' and foot pads' dynamic model individually and integrates each model through simplifying lander's structure. Technology of visual simulation was introduced and simulation of lunar-landing was realized. The effects of different initial conditions, such as slop of lunar surface and lading velocity, stiffness coefficient and damping coefficient were measured through simulation. The result verifies the validity of the method. This method has already successfully applied in engineering research of lunar-landing.
Keywords�� lunar landing   dynamics   structure   simulation     
Received 2010-11-10;
���ɰ�, ������.��������½����ѧ���������[J]  �������պ����ѧѧ��, 2012,V(2): 185-190
Luo Songbai, Zhao Yongjia.Dynamic analysis and simulation of soft-landing for lunar lander[J]  JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF AERONAUTICS AND A, 2012,V(2): 185-190
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