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Research on self-adapted security cooperation framework based on peer-to-peer network
Chen Haitao, Pei Jinze, Hu Huaping, Gong Zhenghu*
School of Computer Science, National University of Defense Technology, Changsh a 410073, China

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Abstract�� A new decentralized security cooperation framework based on P2P(peer-to -peer) network was proposed which supported many kinds of security service such as se cu rity management, the storage and sharing of security related data and distributi on of security information.A security management method which supports the robot icized construction of management structure and self-configuration of security c omponents under large-scale and dynamic network environment by the mixture of h i berarchy and peer-to-peer structure was presented. The dynamic change of secur it y components and requirements of security cooperation is self-adapted with the h elp of dynamic property of peer-to-peer architecture. Its decentralized archit ec ture eliminates the performance and bandwidth bottleneck of centralized manageme nt and has good survivability under node failure and network attack.
Keywords�� P2P(peer-to-peer)   security cooperation   framework   security management   self -adapted     
Received 2004-06-25;

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Chen Haitao, Pei Jinze, Hu Huaping, Gong Zhenghu.Research on self-adapted security cooperation framework based on peer-to-peer network[J]  JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF AERONAUTICS AND A, 2004,V30(11): 1133-1136
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