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�������պ����ѧѧ�� 2003, Vol. 29 Issue (1) :13-16    DOI:
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Genetic Algorithm for the Scheduling of Public Traffic Vehicles in ITS
Teng Jitao1, Zhang Feizhou2, Li Yaopeng1, Fan Yuezu1*
School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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ժҪ �����ܽ�ͨϵͳ(ITS, Intellignet Transportation Systems)�ĸ�����ϵͳ��,�Ƚ��Ĺ�����ͨϵͳ(APTS, Advanced Public Transportation System)������Ҫ��λ������,���г�������������APTS�Ĺؼ�.Ϊ����߳������ȵ����ܻ�,�����һ�ֻ����Ŵ��㷨(GA, Genetic Algorithm)�Ĺ����������ܵ��ȷ���,������С������ΪĿ�꺯��,�����˳������á�ʱ�䡢��ӪЧ�ʼ���Դ���õȷ�������,ͨ��ѡ�񡢽��漰������Ŵ�����,�õ������ŵĵ������򷽰�,����2�ֽ��淽ʽ�����˱Ƚ�,����������,����GA�����������������п����ԡ��Ƚ��ԺͿ�����.
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Abstract�� Advanced Public Transportation System(APTS) is very important for the development of the subsystems of an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). Vehicle Scheduling is a key technology of APTS. To improve the intelligence of vehicle scheduling, a new Genetic Algorithm(GA) based method for intelligent scheduling of public vehicle is proposed, with the minimum cost as the objective function. Factors explicitly considered in this paper include vehicle assignments, timing, operating efficiency and resource usage. An optimal scheduling scheme is produced by using genetic operator including selection, crossover and mutation. At the same time, two kindsof crossover are compared. Simulation result shows that the GA based method for vehicle scheduling is feasible, advanced and efficient.
Keywords�� selection   crossover   mutation   intelligent transport systems   scheduling of vehicle   genetic algorithm     
Received 2001-06-22;


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Teng Jitao, Zhang Feizhou, Li Yaopeng, Fan Yuezu.Genetic Algorithm for the Scheduling of Public Traffic Vehicles in ITS[J]  JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF AERONAUTICS AND A, 2003,V29(1): 13-16
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