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Modified MPS Method for Nonlinear Dynamic Problems
Guo Jun, Tao Zhi*
Dept. of Propulsion, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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ժҪ ������������MPS(Moving Particle Semi-implicit)�����񷽷�,ָ��ǡ��ѡȡȨ�����ɱ���ʹ����ڵ�������߽�,�Ӷ�������ӱ߽紦��ڵ����趨������.�Է�����Burgers����Ϊ��������������ֵ����,�������:����������ΪȨ����ʱ��������ڵ�Ľ����ʹ����ڵ�Ľ��һ��;��һά����,�⻬Ȩ���������������ڷǹ⻬Ȩ����;���Զ�ά����,���߽紦��Ȩ�򲻶Գ��Ե�Ӱ���򲻺�����.�뾫ȷ����ɴ�ͳ�������ý���ĶԱȷ��������÷�������.�÷��������������,���ڱ��ʵ��.
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Abstract�� A modified moving particle semi-implicit (MPS) method was presented. Neighbor interaction models for differential operators are presented, without the use of ghost nodes to deal with boundary conditions. The performance of the proposed method was demonstrated by solving Burgers's equations. It was shown that the results using spline function as kernel without ghost nodes agree well with those with ghosts,and both results coincide with exact results or other existing solutions. It was also found that for 1D problems smooth weight functions perform better than non-smooth ones, while for 2D problems the effect of weight function's asymmetry near boundaries is negligible. This method was demonstrated to be quite straightforward, simple and easy to code.
Keywords�� numerical simulation   non-linear equations   weighted   gridless method   MPS method     
Received 2001-10-29;


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����, ����.�����������MPS�������㷨[J]  �������պ����ѧѧ��, 2003,V29(1): 83-86
Guo Jun, Tao Zhi.Modified MPS Method for Nonlinear Dynamic Problems[J]  JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF AERONAUTICS AND A, 2003,V29(1): 83-86
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