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Dynamic performance of three kinds of supply chains based on control theory
Wang Jing, Lü Guoli, Jia Jingdong*
School of Economics and Management, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing 100191, China

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ժҪ �����Զ���������,��APIOBPCS(Automatic Pipeline, Inventory and Order Based Production Control System)����ϵͳΪ����,����ģ�����ķ���,���촫ͳ������Ӧ��(TSC,Traditional two-echelon Supply Chain)��������Ϣ����(DIS,Demand Information Sharing)������Ӧ���͹�Ӧ�̹�����(VMI,Vendor Managed Inventory)��3�ֵ��Ͷ�����Ӧ��ϵͳ�ڽ�Ծ������Ϣʱ,��ͬϵͳ������ϵͳ����������Ʒ���Ϳ������Ӱ��,����3��ϵͳ�Ķ�̬��Ӧ���Խ����˶Ա��о�.�о��������:���ڽ�Ծ������Ϣ,������ǰ��TpԽС,ϵͳ��Ӧ��ֵԽС,��Ӧ�ٶ�Խ��;����Ti,Tw��Ta�ڲ�ͬ��Χ�ڶ�ϵͳ��ֵ�͵���ʱ���Ӱ������������ͬ,��Ҫ���ݹ�Ӧ������Ŀ�����ѡ��.����һ�ֹ�Ӧ��ϵͳ�������ܼ��ϵͳ����Ӧ��ֵ�͵���ʱ����������,Ӧ�ۺϿ�����Ӧ��ֵ�͵���ʱ���ϵͳ���弨Ч��Ӱ��,ѡ���ʵ��Ĺ�������Ż���Ӧ��ϵͳ,����߹�Ӧ������������Ч��.
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Abstract�� Based on the APIOBPCS (automatic pipeline, inventory and order based production control system), three kinds of two-echelon supply chains were established using the discrete control theory: traditional, demand information sharing and vendor managed inventory two-echelon supply chain. It developed the transfer function models of the systems. On this basis, the dynamic responses of the three systems to stepwise customer demand were analyzed by simulation. As the system parameters change, the performance of the three kinds of supply chains were compared, as well as the fluctuations of the system order, works in process and inventory. Simulation result showed that the smaller Tp was, the better the performance of supply chain was. The impact of Ti,Tw and Ta on peak value were different from the impact on settling time. Any system of three kinds of supply chain was not better than the other twos when peak value and settling time were both taken into account. Management decision-making recommendations were given finally.
Keywords�� supply chains   demand information sharing   vendor managed inventory   traditional two-echelon supply chain   dynamic response     
Received 2010-01-18;


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Wang Jing, L�� Guoli, Jia Jingdong.Dynamic performance of three kinds of supply chains based on control theory[J]  JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF AERONAUTICS AND A, 2011,V37(3): 337-343
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