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�������պ����ѧѧ�� 2011, Vol. 37 Issue (6) :635-638    DOI:
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Simulation of G-loads in post-stall maneuver on sustained G-load flight simulator
Pan Wenjun, Wang Lixin, Tan Xiangsheng*
School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing 100191, China

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ժҪ �����͵ij����غɷ���ģ����(SGFS,Sustained G-load Flight Simulator)ģ���ʧ�ٻ������صķ����������о�.��Թ�ʧ�ٻ����зɻ����˶����ҵ��ص�,�Ƶ��˿��Ƿɻ�ת�������ĸ��ӹ��صķɻ�����Ա���ؼ��㹫ʽ.��SGFS����ģ����ѧģ����Ӧ�ô˹�ʽ,�Ե��͵Ĺ�ʧ�ٻ�������.Herbst����Ϊ��,�Ի���ʱ�ķ���Ա���ؽ����˷����о�.������SGFS�ܹ��Ͼ�ȷ�ظ�������ķ���Ա�������ָ��,������С��0.2g.���о��������:��ʧ�ٻ���ʱ�ɻ�ת������ĸ��ӹ��ز��ɺ���,ͬʱҲ����SGFS�ɽϺõ����ڶԹ�ʧ�ٻ�������Ա���ص�ģ��.
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Abstract�� Methods of simulating G-loads in post-stall maneuvers on a novel sustained G-load flight simulator (SGFS) was studied. Considering features of intense angular motion of the aircraft in post-stall maneuvers, additional G-loads generated by the rotation of the aircraft were also counted in the calculation of G-loads on pilot, which was later employed in the mathematical model for SGFS G-load simulation. G-loads on pilot in a typical post-stall maneuver known as Herbst maneuver were simulated by using the model. SGFS tracked 3-axis G-loads command precisely with the maximal error less than 0.2g during the simulation. The results indicate that additional G-loads on pilot generated by aircraft rotation could not be neglected and show SGFS could meet the requirements of post-stall maneuver G-loads simulation.
Keywords�� centrifuge   acceleration   flight simulator   sustained G-load flight simulator   post-stall maneuver   Herbst maneuver     
Received 2010-03-10;
About author: ���Ŀ�(1985-),��,����������,��ʿ��,power@ase.buaa.edu.cn.
���Ŀ�, ������, ̷����.�����غɷ���ģ������ʧ�ٻ�������ģ��[J]  �������պ����ѧѧ��, 2011,V37(6): 635-638
Pan Wenjun, Wang Lixin, Tan Xiangsheng.Simulation of G-loads in post-stall maneuver on sustained G-load flight simulator[J]  JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF AERONAUTICS AND A, 2011,V37(6): 635-638
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