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Effect of titanium on high temperature oxidation esistance of niobium based alloy

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As a criterion of the integrated oxide on pure metals, pilliing��bedworth ratio (PBR) is one of the main reasons of generating the growth stress in the scale. In order to evaluate the value of PBR for the oxide formed on alloys, a simple model had been established; and the value of Nb2O5��Ti2Nb10O��TiNb2O7 and O2had been evaluated. The results show tthat high temperature oxidation resistance of the alloy is improved by applying with Ti. Type and content of the oxide, which cause the PBR of the scale alter are changed as the content of Ti increases. It is concluded that the PBR of the scale has been decreased accompanied by increasing of Ti, making the scale not be cracked, which induces the scale and has a better protective effect on the matrix.

Keywords�� pilliing��bedworth ratio (PBR)   Nb based alloy   igh temperature oxidation resistance     
Received 2009-06-15;
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Li Ning��Jiang Huiren.Effect of titanium on high temperature oxidation esistance of niobium based alloy[J]  JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF AERONAUTICS AND A, 2010,V36(5): 610-613
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