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Large-stroke Hexapod platform and its vibration isolation test

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In order to improve observation precision of vehicular and airborne optical equipment, large-stroke 6 degree freedom active vibration isolation platform was designed. The actuator of Hexapod platform adopted linear motor, and to use in vibration isolation mission, gapless gimbal joint was designed. The platform adopted 6-UPS Stewart configuration, had 30 kg carrying capacity, and upper mounting plate had 30 mm translational and 8 rotational movement capability. Platform control system combined proportion integral-derivative (PID) control and filtered-X adaptive inverse control method, PID controller applied  positioning control and filtered-X adaptive inverse controller applied  vibration control. 3��20 Hz sinusoidal vibration isolation experiment result shows that the Hexapod platform vibration isolation ability is higher than 90%, 5��20 Hz frequency range random vibration isolation experiment result shows that the upper plate vibration amplitude peak-peak value is reduced by 78%.

Keywords�� machine design   vibration control   parallel mechanism   adaptive inverse control     
Received 2009-04-15;


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Cui Long, Huang Hai.Large-stroke Hexapod platform and its vibration isolation test[J]  JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF AERONAUTICS AND A, 2010,V36(6): 671-675
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