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Denoising method to dynamic digital X-ray images and its fast implementation

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����X���߶�̬���ֳ���ϵͳ��Ϊ��ʵ�ָ�֡Ƶ�ɼ������������Ӱ��DR��Digital Radiography)ͼ���ʵĻָ�������Anscombe�任��NL-means�����㷨���뵽DRͼ��Ľ�����.Ϊ�˽��NL-means�����㷨�������������ٶ��������⣬���ÿɱ��ͼ�δ���Ԫ��GPU��Graphic Processing Unit)���м���͸��ٸ���������ԣ���DRͼ��ӳ��ΪGPU�е��������ö��̲߳��м��㣬ʹ��NL-means�㷨��GPU�м���ִ��.ʵ����������NL-means�ܹ���Ч���ƶ�̬DRͼ������.GPU���ٷ��������ڲ���ʧͼ����Ϣ��ǰ���£����ٱȿɴ�2�����������ϣ�������ʵʱ�����Ҫ��.

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�ؼ����� ������Ӱͼ����   NL-means   Anscombe�任   ͼ�δ���Ԫ     

For the dynamic digital X-ray imaging system, in order to solve the degradation of DR (Digital Radiography) image quality, NL-means algorithm was introduced for the DR image denoising by using the Anscombe transform. In order to solve its complex calculation and time-consuming problem, GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) was used for its high parallel computing and fast floating-point calculation abilities. During implementation, the original noisy DR image was mapped to the GPU's texture and each thread calculated one pixel. By using its multi-threads, the NL-means algorithm could be effectively accelerated in GPU. The results show that the NL-means denoising method can effectively restrain the noise of dynamic DR images, and the acceleration with GPU can speed up more than 2 orders of magnitude without the loss of resolution, which met the satisfaction of real-time denoising.

Keywords�� digital radiography image denoisin   NL-means   Anscombe transform   graphic processing unit(GPU)     
Received 2009-04-23;


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Wang Gang, Yang Min.Denoising method to dynamic digital X-ray images and its fast implementation[J]  JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF AERONAUTICS AND A, 2010,V36(6): 741-744
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