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Well-to-wheels analysis of large-scale bus diesel fuels
Gao Youshan, Li Xinghu*
School of Transportation Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing 100191, China

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ժҪ ��ʵʩ��1����2�׶���ֵ��Ĵ��Ϳͳ�Ϊ����,�Գ���ȼ�ʹ�ԭ�Ϳ��ɡ����䡢����WTT(Well-to-Tank)������ʹ��TTW(Tank-to-Wheel)�ȶ������,��ȼ����������WTW(Well-to-Wheel)�ڵ��������ĺ����������ŷŽ����˶�������,WTT�׶εķ���ʹ�����й�ͳ������,TTW�׶εķ�����������������.�������:WTW�׶ε��������ĺ���������ֱ���TTW�׶ε�1.151����1.153��;WTT�׶θ����ڵ���������ռ���������ĵı����ֱ�Ϊ6.7%,0.42%,6.1%,���������ŷ�ռ���ŷŵı����ֱ�Ϊ1.92%,1.42%,9.97%;���Ϳͳ���1�׶�ȼ����������ֵ��ʵʩ�ɽ���12%���������ĺ�11.8%�����������ŷ�;��2�׶�ȼ����������ֵ��ʵʩ�ɽ���16.93%���������ĺ�17.67%�����������ŷ�.
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Abstract�� Well-to-wheel assessment was used to evaluate the energy utilization and greenhouse gas emissions from crude oil extraction, transport, refining, namely well-to-tank (WTT), to vehicle operation, tank-to-wheel (TTW) for large-scale bus conformed to first and second phase of the fuel consumption limits.Statistical data was analyzed in WTT, test data was analyzed in TTW. Results shows that the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in WTW were respectively 1.151 and 1.153 times that in TTW. Energy consumption proportion of crude oil extraction, transport, refining was respectively 6.7%, 0.42% and ��6.1%��. Greenhouse gas emissions proportion of crude oil production, transport and refining was respectively 1.92%, 1.42% and 9.97%. The first phase of the fuel consumption limits can reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 12% and 11.81% respectively; while the second phase can reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 16.91% and 17.67% respectively.
Keywords�� energy utilization   greenhouse   gas emissions   diesel fuels   well-to-wheel     
Received 2008-12-05;


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Gao Youshan, Li Xinghu.Well-to-wheels analysis of large-scale bus diesel fuels[J]  JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF AERONAUTICS AND A, 2009,V35(11): 1349-1352
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