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Numerical simulation of parachute fluid-solid coupling problem and flow analysis
Wang Kan, Cao Yihua, Yu Ziwen, Pan Xing*
School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing 100083, China

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ժҪ ����˻���ѹ����ϵİ���ʽ�㷨,��SIMPLE (Semi-Implicit Method for Pressure-Linked Equations)�㷨�����ɽ������񷽷��Ķ��ȶ��½��׶εĽ���ɡ������ֵģ����·���.�˷����ڽ���ɡ������ϼ����о��нϺõ��ȶ��Ժͽϸߵ�Ч��.�Խ���ɡ�ȶ��½��׶ε�������������������ֵģ��.����ɡģ�ͷֱ������Բ��ɡ��׶��ɡ�ȶ��½�ʱ�Ľṹ����,����׶��ɡģ�ͽ����˲�ͬ�������������µ�ģ��.��ƽ������Ԫ�������,����SIMPLE�㷨���·����õ��˸�׼ȷ�͸�����Ľ��.���·���������Ϊ��ͳ��ֵģ�ⷽ����һ���ɿ��������Ҫ����. ����
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Abstract�� A new numerical simulation method for predicting parachute fluid-solid coupling problem using semi-implicit method for pressure-linked equations (SIMPLE) algorithm is proposed. The both coupling computation and flow field analysis during terminal descent stage are proved efficient through sample analyses using this new simulation method. The simulations of a flat circle parachute and a cone-shaped parachute suggest a fine efficiency and good stability of the new method. The test problems for the new method are about the terminal descent stage, since the ordinary numerical simulation method(the parallel finite element method) is general used in this field. Comparing with the result gained by the parallel finite element method. The results of the new method are also proved accurate and reasonable. Flow field characteristics at various angles of attack are further simulated for the cone-shaped parachute model. The new method is an alternative and a complement to the ordinary numerical simulation method.
Keywords�� parachutes   fluid-solid coupling   numerical methods   flow field analysis     
Received 2006-09-11;

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��٩, ���廪, ������, ����.����ɡ��������������ֵģ�����������[J]  �������պ����ѧѧ��, 2007,V33(09): 1029-1032
Wang Kan, Cao Yihua, Yu Ziwen, Pan Xing.Numerical simulation of parachute fluid-solid coupling problem and flow analysis[J]  JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF AERONAUTICS AND A, 2007,V33(09): 1029-1032
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