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    Reinterpretation of Qian Zhongshu's Translation Theories

    ZHAO Wei
    2009, 22 (4): 61-64.  

    Huajing (transmigration of souls) proposed by Qian Zhongshu is the mos t controversial issue in traditional Chinese translation theories. It inherits t raditional Chinese art philosophy on the one hand and absorbs Western aesthetics on the other. It sheds light on the art of translation in particular and illumi nates the laws of artistic creation in general. Huajing is not just a translatio n criterion; it reveals the nature of literary translation, i.e., the unity betw een original stylistic excellence and the translator's artistic recreation techn iques. Huajing is logically consistent with Qian Zhongshu's general art theories and other sporadic translation thoughts.

    Organization and Operation of China-s Emergency Management

    SHAN Chun-chang, HUANG Min
    2010, 23 (2): 22-26.  

    The Chinese Government has attached great importance to emergency management. Based on its scientific analysis of the public security situation and conscientious summary of the lessons and experience, the government has established an emergency management system with "one plan and three systems" as its core contents, as well as an emergency mechanism featuring "unified leadership, comprehensive coordination, categorized management, divided responsibility and localized management", which have played an important role in effectively addressing all kinds of emergencies and building a harmonious socialist society.

    The Application of Swap on an Enterprise's Stock Management

    WU Chun-jie, WANG Dong-yue
    2008, 21 (4): 20-25.  

    With the gradual maturity of the financial market, many kinds of finan cial technologies have been developed at full speed. Many financial tools have b een applied not only in financial market, but also in other fields. This paper g oes from the prospective of finance and uses swap, a basic financial derivative tool, to give a new method to the stock management in an enterprise. During the research,we found that all the former methods go from the prospective of cost a nd try to give a minimized management method. But they ignore the risk of the st ock, especially the price risk in the market. But this one has been a very impor tant factor of the stability in operation of an enterprise.

    Current Situations on Anti-corruption in China and Countermeasures

    DU Zhi-zhou
    2009, 22 (4): 25-28.  

    Corruption is a universal phenomenon and it is hard to control anywhere in the world. Although much progress has been made in fighting against corrupti on in China, there still exist austere situations. The system of protecting repo rters' rights must be established and we also ought to raise the discovery rate, strengthen the punishment and control corruption through the rule of law.

    A Legal Analysis on Finance Leasing Aircraft: A Case Study of East Star Airline

    YU Dan
    2010, 23 (2): 36-40.  

    Finance leasing is one of the most common methods for Chinese airlines to acquire aircraft. In this article, the contractual rights and obligations of finance lease are analyzed from the case of East Star Air. Airlines, especially the small and medium sized airlines are inclined to use the method of finance lease to acquire aircraft because of the unique functions and nature of the finance lease. However, this kind of transaction also puts airlines in the situation of multiple risks. For the contract can't be cancelled during the long contract period, so the breach of contract sometimes is fatal to airlines.

    A Comment on Public Choice Theory Research

    YUAN Zheng
    2010, 23 (2): 1-6.  

    Public Choice Theory was born amidst fierce arguement and great difficulty. It uses the method of economics to analyse the problem of politics. The most contended parts of Public Choice Theory, such as electorate (voter) research, analyse for political personages and government officials.They presume that people are selfish when they do anything, and then they study political personages and government officials- mutual actions in the background of democracy system, and so on. This paper is presented and computed with the numbers of the origination and development of Public Choice Theory; the innovation of Public Choice Theory; the focus of argument of Public Choice Theory; and the New Evolution of Public Choice Theory.

    An Empirical Study of the Relationship between the Idiosyncratic Volatility and Cross-sectional Return

    YANG Hua-wei, HAN Li-yan
    2009, 22 (1): 6-10.  

    We confirm that the negative relation between lagged idiosyncratic volatility an d future average returns cannot be explained by exposure to various cross-secti onal risk factors and market frictions such as illiquidity, trading cost and pri ce delay. Different from studies in US stock markets, we find that the negative relation is stronger with equal-weighted idiosyncratic volatility quintile port folios than value weighted portfolios. We also find that the abnormal low future returns with high past idiosyncratic volatility is not significant after contro lling for turnover effect in Chinese stock market. We propose that short sale co nstraints and retail investors dominating trading in Chinese stock market can he lp to explain the differences.

    Review of Study on Aviation Transport Law Question in China: Summary on Chinese Science of Air Law Studying in Thirty Years (One)

    HAO Xiu-hui
    2010, 23 (2): 27-35.  

    The study of China air transport law has made considerable achievements in the past thirty years (from 1979 to 2009), and various works and periodical theses and academic degree theses in this field have been published. But, the study of Chinese domestic civil aviation carrier responsibility is still not enough, carrier, research content and research method need to blaze a new trail, the quantity and quality of the achievements in scientific research need to be further promoted, thus, the study of air transport law is a hard and long term task.

    Genre Analysis of Aerospace Article Abstracts

    HE Yu-yin, CAO Zhen-zhen
    2010, 23 (2): 97-100.  

    Genre analysis is a key technique for studying article abstracts. In terms of genre analysis theory for the corpus of 50 English abstracts and 50 Chinese ones of aerospace articles, this paper conducts a contrast study of respective moves of their macro-structures. This paper also studies language features of English abstracts and discusses the differences within English versions of Chinese abstracts. The results illustrate the five-move abstract which contains background, purpose, method, result and conclusion, and demonstrate the language features of English abstracts and the differences between Chinese academic culture and western academic culture, which give insights into the building of our present academic culture.

    On the Translation of CALL TO ARMS by Mr. & Mrs. Yang Xianyi from Frame Theory

    SUN Di
    2010, 23 (3): 101-104.  

    Fillmore-s Frame theory believes any frame mentioned can activate its whole cog nitive frame by which the meaning of a certain expression is comprehended. The d ifference between Western and Chinese readers- cultural background endows the f rame with cultural difference. So bearing that in mind, translators should prope rly handle the frame difference in order to activate the similar frame of target language readers. This paper applies the frame theory to the study of translati on, making a tentative analysis to some selected paragraphs of CALL TO ARMS translated by Yang Xianyi and Gladys Yang. Though they pursue the faithfulness o f the core Chinese culture, sometimes they have to make some alterations when tr anslating. It is these alterations that help to properly handle the frame differ ences.

    The Translating Strategy of LUNYU by James Legge and Gu Hong-ming

    LIU Yang-chun
    2008, 21 (4): 66-69.  

    The translation and diffusion of a prestigious classic is influenced by the tran slator's strategy in accordance with his experience and purpose of translation. The essay carries out a comparative study between James Legge's English version of The Confucius Analects and Gu Hong-ming's version of The Discourses and Sayi ngs of Coufucius in three aspects: background information, translation of the ke y words and realia in the original culture. A conclusion is drawn that the trans lation of a prestigious classic work is a comprehensive issue. An effective tran slation strategy is able to promote the position of a national culture and the d ignity of a nation.

    Effects of Ways of Glossing on Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition through Reading

    SHI Jing-xia
    2010, 23 (2): 93-96.  

    The present paper studies through experiments the effects of double- glossing, single-glossing, and no-glossing on incidental acquisition and maintenance of new words while reading an English article. The results show that: 1) double-glossing conduces most to incidental vocabulary acquisition, single-glossing plays a significant role, too; 2) double-glossing conduces more than no-glossing to the maintenance of new words, but as for the comparison between double-glossing and single-glossing, single-glossing and no-glossing, the former has no significant advantage.

    Carrier's Lien on Cargo ——A Study on Articles 87 and 88 of CMI

    MENG Yu
    2008, 21 (1): 62-65.  

    Article 87 and Article 88 of CMI are the basic rules of carrier's lien on cargo. The law empowers the carrier to lien the cargo and it also stipulates the procedure. But in practice, Articles 87 and 88 in CMI have given rise to ma ny problems. This paper studies the Articles 87 and 88 of CMI, analyses the cond itions under which the carrier liens the cargo, and gives solutions to the probl ems arisen under the law, moreover, the article also gives some suggestions abou t the amendment of Articles 87 and 88 of CMI.

    Meaning Selection Mechanisms in Translation

    FENG Qi, FENG Jun
    2010, 23 (2): 83-89.  

    Based on the semantic dimension of Nida-s classical definition of translation, this paper discusses the role of various semantic categories in translation, which is essentially a process of meaning selection. The proposed selection mechanisms attempt to capture the process moving from static language meaning at the word and syntactic levels to dynamic speech meaning at pragmatic and rhetorical levels in conventional translation. As languages differ in terms of conceptual scopes, syntactic structures, discourse patterns and cultural traditions, it is difficult to achieve full equivalence in translation. Therefore, approximation should be the practical translation criterion to follow.

    China-s Provincial Estimates of the Efficiency of Capital Use: 1981~2005

    LI Rui-juan, SUN Lin-lin
    2010, 23 (3): 48-51.  

    We estimated China-s 31 provinces in 1980~2005 in the construction and equipmen t capital stock by perpetual inventory method (PIM) with the latest data, and th en measured the marginal capital output ratio of China-s various provinces in 19 81~2005 with the GDP data. The capital accumulation in China-s eastern province s has been relatively saturated; Central provinces are at moderate level of capi tal stock; western provinces are still inadequate in capital accumulation and th eir capital efficiency is yet to improve, so they should continue to increase ca pital investment.

    Ends and Means: An Analysis of the Dual Legitimacy in Public Administration

    GU Ling-yun, TAN An-kui
    2010, 23 (3): 1-5.  

    Viewed from the perspective of the doctrines of "dirty hands" and the reason o f state, it follows from the appeal to the legitimacy of ends in public administ ration that illegitimate means have to be adopted. The distortion of ends themse lves will be unavoidable under the single-minded pursuit of legitimacy of ends, so that the dual legitimacy of ends and means will be out of reach in public ad ministration. Meanwhile, it may also lead to an ethical dilemma in which the pub lic administrators and those administrated scramble for the same moral highland. Modern public administration must seek for the dual legitimacy of ends and mean s. The theoretical foundation for this is the constitutional reason of state, an d the practical choice is the administration by law.

    The State Interest Protection of the United States in the Context of the Liberalization of Air Transport

    XIAO Yong-ping, SUN Yu-chao
    2008, 21 (4): 40-44.  

    The United States is the advocator of the liberalization of international air tr ansport services, but its real significance is not on the liberalization of air transport liberalization, its essence is to export excess capacity, and expand t he air transport market, which is very narrow-minded. Based on nationa l security considerations, the United States established Civilian Reserve Air Fl eet Program, thus increased the utilization of Civil Aviation. To increase emplo yment opportunities, the United States strictly limits the industry control of t he air transport enterprises of United States by foreign air transport enterpris es, for better protection of workers' interests of the United States.

    The New Development of Legal System Concerning Torts in International Civil Aviation ——From the Perspectives of the Unlawful Interference Compensation Con vention

    ZHAO Jin-song
    2009, 22 (3): 57-62.  

    While the human society stepped into the new century, due to increasin gly rampant terrorism, ICAO embarked on a new process named the modernization of compensation regime caused by foreign aircrafts to third parties (hereafter ref erred as to Rome convention modernization), and initially forms two draft instru ments. At the same time, the air law experts from the US and Europe attached unp recedented importance to Rome convention modernization, which can be called a si tuation in which a hundred schools of thought contend. The article wholly presen ts a panorama of Rome convention modernization and comments on arguments of the air law experts from the US and Europe. Then the author comes to a conclusion th at a transformation of Rome convention modernization from theory to practice is rugged and suffers many mishaps in its life compared with success of Warsaw conv ention modernization. So politicians shall make full use of flexibility and find a workable proposal which can be accepted by all the parties.

    Participation of the Non-governmental Organization in Public Crisis Management ——Take Wenchuan Earthquake for Example

    HU Bing-bing
    2010, 23 (4): 13-17.  

    In the context that the power of government alone is not enough to deal with fre quent public crises, taking "5·12" Wenchuan earthquake for example, it shows the non-governmental organizations- own characteristics and performance in the earthquake, revealing Chinese non-governmental organizations-s advantages, such as affinity, flexibility, professionalism and fairness, and the handicaps about legal, institutional, financial, cultural aspects in the process of public cris is management. The paper puts forward measures and suggestions to enhance the ef fective participation of non-governmental organizations in public crisis manage ment.

    Leniency Bias and Statistical Remedy in Evaluation of Teaching

    WU Rui-lin, ZHANG Yan-tong, WANG Jian-zhong
    2010, 23 (3): 113-116.  

    Leniency bias has a detrimental effect to analysis of indicators- relationships in teaching evaluation. It will distort the statistic results based on the Pear son correlation coefficient. The current paper employed polychoric correlation c oefficient to analyze teaching evaluation data, which has been proved robust and will offer more precise estimate. A non-normal real data sample shows that the re is sufficient difference between estimates of two correlation coefficient est imators. The approach based on polychoric correlation offered better fit indexes to a confirmatory factor analysis.


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