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    2021, 34 (4): 0-0.  

    Searching Superego in the Soul: on Theme of Double in Creation of Dostoevsky and Merejkovski

    Wu Xiaoxia
    2012, (6): 88-93.  
    Dostoevsky’s ideas and creativity had a great impact on the Russian Symbolist writer Merejkovski. The theme of double, playing an important role in the plot structure, can be said to be the most outstanding. Merezhkovsky inherited the tradition of Dostoevsky and announced the relationships between this theme and religious problems. He put the theme to the greatness of the general world. This article attempts to analyze both the impact on this theme and their respective characteristics so as to reveal the differences of methods in creation of the world picture, and to indicate the acceptance of ideas in Russian Literature and the deep connection between the culture at the turn of the century and the previous literary traditions.

    Translational Ethics of Commitment: the Transcendence of Traditional Translational Ethics

    Mei Yangchun
    2011, 24 (6): 97-101.  

    Translational ethics of commitment develops on the foundation of traditional translational ethics including ethics of representation, ethics of service, ethics of communication and norm-based ethics. Theoretically supported by communicative ethics,translational ethics of commitment integrates all the ethical values held by various schools of traditional translational ethics and elaborates translational ethics on the macro-level. Not only does it explicate the responsibilities that translators should take in the process of translation, but also it clearly points out the field to which it can be applied. Besides, it equally treats all the agents to translation. All these make it a transcendence of traditional translational ethics.

    On Integration of Social Security Management System under Framework of Super-ministry in China

    YUAN Guomin, LIN Zhifen
    2016, 29 (2): 8-12,19.   DOI: 10.13766/j.bhsk.1008-2204.2015.0564

    There are as many as 12 departments in China social security management system, which has a serious impact on a unified decision-making and management of social security undertaking. Learning from the experiences of foreign countries and according to the theory of government management and division of labor, this paper proposes to merge and unify the functions of various departments of decentralized management of social security into a complete social security super-ministry system, and construct a four-in-one system of social security management which contains legislation, administration, fund revenues and expenditures, and supervision to meet the objectives and requirements of the service-oriented government building, to achieve standardized management of social security undertakings.

    On Evaluation of Engineering Ethics Education in American

    Hu Wenlong
    2011, 24 (6): 102-107.  

    The growing recognition of the importance of engineering student-s ethic responsibility was one of the notable changes in engineering education in the USA. With increasingly American university setting up course related to engineering ethics, how to assess it effects becoming the focus of engineering educator. Based on analyzing the objective of engineering education, this article presents the current evaluation tool and method being used in engineering ethics education, elaborates three typical evaluation tools and methods and points out the five characteristics in assessment of engineering ethics education, such as much attentions are paid to student-s ethical reasoning ability, combination of qualitative and quantitative method and so on. In the end, the paper puts forward some suggestions about how to carry out ethic education and how to evaluate engineering student-s "soft" ability in China university.

    Value Implication and Realization Path of Construction of Preventing Conflicts of Interest System

    CHEN Honglian, LI Huiling
    2017, 30 (1): 15-21.   DOI: 10.13766/j.bhsk.1008-2204.2016.0320

    Conflicts of interest and corruption are closely related, with conflicts of interest being the cause of corruption and corruption being the result of the conflicts of interest. Therefore, preventing the conflicts of public officials' interests is an important way to control corruption from the sources. Based on the needs of preventing corruption, integrating honest and clean government system, building close Party-masses relationship and overcoming the dilemma of administrative ethics, we must vigorously promote the construction of preventing conflicts of interest system. Promoting the prevention of conflicts of interest from the "inner-party law" to "national law", paying attention to the cohesion and coupling of supporting system, perfecting supervision system as well as increasing the intensity of punishment, and carrying out training on ethics of honest and clean government, constitute the direction, foundation, handle and guarantee of the construction of Preventing Conflicts of Interest System respectively.

    A Cognitive-Semiotic Approach to Verbal Humor Comprehension

    HUANG Qiu-lin
    2009, 22 (3): 63-65.  

    Studies on verbal humor have been made from various perspectives, among which co gnitive mechanism is drawing more and more attention. Based on the classical Inc ongruity Theory, this paper combines modern Semiotics and Conceptual Blending Th eory, and puts forward a new cognitive-semiotic model for cognitive op eration mechanism involved in verbal humor comprehension. In verbal humor compre hension, the recipient interprets the same key concept (signifier) into two diff erent signifieds which are mapped by each other and projected into the blend spa ce. If and only if the recipient perceives the incongruity between the two signi fieds, humor effect can be produced. This paper is not only helpful to the enric hment humor study but also a tentative research from the perspective of Cognitiv e Semiotics.

    Government Synergy Mechanism in Emergent Public Health Event: Take the Fight Against COVID-19 as an Example

    WANG Luozhong, YANG Jirong
    2020, 33 (5): 44-53.   DOI: 10.13766/j.bhsk.1008-2204.2020.0336
    As a public health crisis that ravages the world, the corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has received global attention. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China puts the safety of the people's lives first, organizes all parties to carry out joint prevention and control, and conducts coordinated governance with international organizations and countries with overseas virus spread. All-round joint defense and joint control demonstrates the advantages of the linkage mechanism under the unitary state system—"centralized all efforts for significant projects". The practise proves that, on the basis of multi-agent collaboration among central regions, local regions and departments, etc., multi-factor collaboration is also needed from the aspects of human resource transfer and allocation, information resource interconnection and sharing, material resource financing and deployment, and technological resource innovation and exchange. Meanwhile, it is necessary to improve the coordination mechanism of organization, mobilization, decision-making, command and execution to fight against the epidemic more efficiently and accurately in collaboration.

    Influence of Transaction of Mortgaged Property on Hypothec: Systematic Application of Article 403, 404, 406 Civil Code

    WANG Qi
    2020, 33 (5): 1-10.   DOI: 10.13766/j.bhsk.1008-2204.2020.0359
    Civil Code Articles 403, 404 and 406 introduce new regulations on the transfer of mortgaged property,so their relationship needs to be clarified. Article 406, paragraph 1, sentence 3 should be limited to real estate mortgage. In the field of chattel mortgage Article 403, sub-sentence 2, and Article 404 take the role as lex specials, each of which provides a reason for the elimination of chattel mortgage. The former is the "burdenless acquisition by a bona fide assignee", while, the latter is the "rule of normal transaction". Since the "rule of normal transaction" is extended to fixed mortgage, there are highly complex conflicts between Article 403, sub-sentence 2 und Article 404. These conflicts can only be resolved by distinguishing different types of cases. When the chattel mortgage is not registered, Article 403, sub-sentence 2 shall prevail as lex specialis if the assignee is in good faith. If the assignee is malicious, then Article 404 applies in succession to Article 403, sub-sentence 2, so that the malicious assignee can also claim the elimination of the mortgage. When the chattel mortgage has been registered, the central issue is whether the registration content can cover the transacted specific subject. If not, the applicability of Article 404 should be affirmed so that registration does not prevent the elimination of the mortgage under Article 404.

    “Five Relations” to Be Deal with Before Introducting Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era into Undergraduates Ideological and Political Courses

    ZHAO Yiliang
    2021, 34 (4): 1-5.   DOI: 10.13766/j.bhsk.1008-2204.2021.0309
    To introduce Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era into college textbooks, classroom teaching and students' minds, we need to apply theoretical research to teaching practice with accurate, diversified and in-depth promotion. To solve the problems of the continuity and development between the Party's innovative theories, we need to stay on the right track and keep pace with the times. To illustrate the essence of teaching from the "source of living water", we need to explain three-level principles of our position, thinking methods and spiritual realm. To integrate the overall teaching concept, we need to estimate the nature, teaching content and curriculum arrangement of sub-curriculum courses. To test the actual effect of specific practices, we need to design the indicator system from two aspects, reliability and validity. By doing this, we can promote Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era practicaly and profoundly to obtain substantial results in the teaching of compulsory ideological and political courses for undergraduates.

    Transparent Translation of Civil Aviation Terminology

    HUANG Dexian, LI Zhizhuo
    2017, 30 (1): 108-114.   DOI: 10.13766/j.bhsk.1008-2204.2015.0278

    The nonstandard translation of civil aviation terminology not only exists in manuals and technical documentation used by airlines, but also in professional civil aviation reference books and other civil aviation related reference books. On the premise of translation accuracy, civil aviation terminology can be translated based on the transparent principle. Literal translation, sequential translation and zero translation can be used to keep the morphological formation and meaning of the original terminology. In this way, the meaning of the terminology can be understood from the translation. And back translation can also be used to verify the accuracy of civil aviation terminology translation.

    Teaching Probe and Practice to Modern Digital Signal Processing

    WANG Qiu-sheng, YUAN Hai-wen, CUI Yong
    2009, 22 (4): 77-80.  

    The principal issues existing in the course Modern Digital Signal Proc essing offered by both control subject and engineering subject are briefly analy zed. From the aspects of course content, teaching method, assisted instruction a nd teaching management, detailed description on basic principle and concrete ins tructions of the teaching experience is demonstrated. The teaching method and ex perience proposed here for the course Modern Digital Signal Processing can provi de helpful references for the instruction work of relevant subjects.

    A Study on Contextual Performance of Middle-level Managers in High-tech Enterprises

    CHEN Sheng-jun, LIU Guo-wen
    2010, 23 (6): 60-64.  

    The paper studies the contextual performance of middle-level managers in high-tech enterprises in China. On the basis of relevant studies from home and abroad, the contextual performance of middle-level managers in high-tech enterprises can be divided into five dimensions. Contextual performance is an important component of middle-level managers’ performance.The study is important to raise awareness of contextual performance,and clearly indicates the content,methods and applications of middle-level managers’ contextual performance.

    Social Enterprises and Social Governance Innovation: Mode and Path

    Li Jian, Wang Ming
    2015, 28 (3): 9-15.   DOI: 10.13766/j.bhsk.1008-2204.2014.0545

    As an active exploration for social governance innovation, social enterprise aims at solving social problems, eliminating obvious bounds among government, market and social sector through commercial mechanisms. It is also a greathelp for social governance innovation while focusing on developing an integration model for both for-profit and Non-Profit Organizations. This paper first expounds a multidimensional definition of social enterprise combining with environmental contexts of different countries, and thensums up four practical models including relying on the traditional institution, introducing market mechanism, devoting to social purpose and paying close attention to the interests of community member. Finally, it discusses how to develop social enterprises in China from the angle of the government, enterprises and social organizations.

    Understanding and Thinking about Space Traffic Management

    LIU Zhenxin, ZHANG Tao, GUO Lihong
    2020, 33 (6): 101-106.   DOI: 10.13766/j.bhsk.1008-2204.2020.0427
    Space traffic management is the service and management provided to ensure the safety, security and sustainable development of space activities and maintain the order of space activities. The evolution of space traffic management issues mainly presents three basic development trends: concept proposal and academic research, government intervention and promotion, and the United States taking the lead to seize opportunities. Space traffic management issues mainly involve three core issues, such as rule discourse, space development and space safety, and there are risks of international and domestic challenges. At the same time, this topic also provides a good strategic opportunity for China to promote the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind and accelerate the building of a space power. In order to promote space traffic management, firstly, we should strengthen strategic coordination and design and put forward a "China's proposals"; secondly, we should focus on building a space traffic management technical rule system; and finally continue to promote the construction of space situational awareness, spacecraft management and control systems and other national space infrastructure.

    A Concept Study of ‘Common Inherited Property of Mankind’ in Outer Space Law

    Yin Yuhai, Wang Mingyue
    2011, 24 (1): 26-29.  

    As common inherited property, outer space is neither ownerless property, public property nor common property; mankind does not have ownership of possession, usage, benefit and punishment. The right of mankind to common inherited property resembles the usufruct right. ‘Common Inherited Property of Mankind’is not international practice, international law principle, binding law, political character or philosophy character, but an International Law concept which is still under development and has an important progress meaning, and it is a succinct generalization to the legal position of Outer Space Law.

    On Modern Proof of Roland Barthes-Open Text

    Zhang Wei
    2011, 24 (4): 94-97.  

    Roland Barthes- writing theories characterized by deconstruction and sentence of "the author-s death"make the language of the conventional literature return to itself, and the author-s discourse hegemony shattered. The fragmental writing Barthes advocated also makes the conventional literary forms tend to disappear. These prophetic theories have been magically confirmed and practiced in the online literature of the hypertext today, which has great reference significance to the development of the contemporary literary theory.

    The "Solitude" in ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUDE and the "Allegory of the Cave" of Plato

    Zheng Li
    2011, 24 (6): 88-92.  

    One Hundered Years of Solitude is the masterpiece of Garcia Marquez, the representative of Contemporary Columbia Literature. This essay uses Plato's allegory of the cave to analyze the sense of solitude which permeated this novel. It reaches the conclusion that the solitude of the protagonists in the work reveals the inconsistency between desire for truth and reality, and the conflict between development of reason and religious belief. It points out that in order to cast off the shadow of solitude, Latin American people should step out of the dark cave and get rid of their fatuity and conformism with the help of love and solidarity.

    AI and Public Management: Opportunities and Challenges

    YU Wenxuan
    2020, 33 (4): 50-54.   DOI: 10.13766/j.bhsk.1008-2204.2020.0223
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and one of its core technologies, machine learning, have been widely utilized with the coming of the fourth industrial revolution. Although AI is playing increasingly more important roles in improving public management efficiency and the quality of decision making, public managers need to fully recognize the challenges AI is imposing on humanities and the relationship between government and society. Public management is a political process, which constrains the application of AI technology at the same time. By analyzing an case utilizing AI in decision making in the public sector, this paper illustrates the challenges AI technologies may experience and its threats toward public values, emphasizing the necessity for public managers to fully recognize and prepare the accompanying risks and uncertainty.

    2021, 34 (3): 0-0.  


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