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    An Analysis on the Development, Characteristics and Causes of Chinese Traditional Crisis Culture

    Nie Lin
    2012, 25 (5): 25-28.  
    In the long histroy dealing with crisis, people form stable thinking model and behavior mode, which is crisis culture. Crisis culture plays an important role in modern crisis management. Chinese traditional crisis culture started from"The Book of Changes", and developed along with traditional society. It is based on natural economy, and is deeply influenced by despotic rule and patriarch system. Chinese traditional crisis culture exists in Confucianism and shares the core principle "Interaction between Heaven and Man". At the same time, Chinese traditional culture is inseparable from political culture, auspicious culture and material signs.

    2021, 34 (1): 0-0.  

    Translational Ethics of Commitment: the Transcendence of Traditional Translational Ethics

    Mei Yangchun
    2011, 24 (6): 97-101.  

    Translational ethics of commitment develops on the foundation of traditional translational ethics including ethics of representation, ethics of service, ethics of communication and norm-based ethics. Theoretically supported by communicative ethics,translational ethics of commitment integrates all the ethical values held by various schools of traditional translational ethics and elaborates translational ethics on the macro-level. Not only does it explicate the responsibilities that translators should take in the process of translation, but also it clearly points out the field to which it can be applied. Besides, it equally treats all the agents to translation. All these make it a transcendence of traditional translational ethics.

    2020, 33 (6): 0-0.  

    2021, 34 (2): 0-0.  

    2021, 34 (3): 0-0.  

    Historical Logic and Practical Enlightenment of the Ideological Construction of the Communist Party of China

    ZHOU Liangshu, ZHANG Siwei
    2021, 34 (1): 1-7.   DOI: 10.13766/j.bhsk.1008-2204.2020.0497
    Given the special nature of China's national conditions, the Party must solve its number one innate problem: how to advance the great project of party building in a country with a relatively small number of workers to achieve the goal of building the party "in a nationwide and mass way". It was not until the Yan'an Period that the Party established the basic principle of ideological party building in practice, thus solving this problem fundamentally. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the contents and forms of ideological party building were further enriched and perfected through the arduous explorations of successive Chinese Communists. To comprehensively advance the great new project of the Party building in the new era while adhering to the basic principle of building the Party ideologically, we must also take political construction as the orientation, organizational construction as the foundation, style construction as the starting point, system construction as the guarantee, and discipline construction as the criterion. This is an important inspiration from the construction practice of the Communist Party of China in the past hundred years.

    On the Nature of the Freedom of Business and Its Legal Regulation

    Zhang Dawei
    2013, 26 (6): 54-58,91.  
    As a fundamental right of citizens, freedom of business has been established in the constitution law and security by most countries in the world. In order to protect the basic rights of citizens over the violation of our business, the legal regulation of freedom must pursue the proportion principle, legal reservation principle,etc. Only in this way can we build a harmonious relationship between the citizens of self development and social welfare safeguard.

    On Erotic Poetics of John Berryman

    PENG Yu, QUE Jun
    2017, 30 (3): 98-102.   DOI: 10.13766/j.bhsk.1008-2204.2016.0123

    The American confessional poet John Berryman audaciously constructs a male-dominated world of eroticism and sensuality in his poetry. His erotic poetics not only demonstrates the loss of life values such as self-split and sexual sadism, but also is embedded with a profound sense of guilt, which derives from the inner conflict between his intense desire for erotic experience and the deep-rooted religious creeds and moral codes. Berryman develops severe depression in the continuing conflict between the body and the soul. Unable to obtain salvation by confessing to God, he eventually commits suicide. Berryman's self-eroticism goes through the vicissitude from repression to explosion, and finally to cessation. His erotic poetics reveals the deep, dark, and convoluted desires in the human psyche while sounding the alarm for the erotically charged modern society.

    On Evaluation of Engineering Ethics Education in American

    Hu Wenlong
    2011, 24 (6): 102-107.  

    The growing recognition of the importance of engineering student-s ethic responsibility was one of the notable changes in engineering education in the USA. With increasingly American university setting up course related to engineering ethics, how to assess it effects becoming the focus of engineering educator. Based on analyzing the objective of engineering education, this article presents the current evaluation tool and method being used in engineering ethics education, elaborates three typical evaluation tools and methods and points out the five characteristics in assessment of engineering ethics education, such as much attentions are paid to student-s ethical reasoning ability, combination of qualitative and quantitative method and so on. In the end, the paper puts forward some suggestions about how to carry out ethic education and how to evaluate engineering student-s "soft" ability in China university.

    Governmental Digital Tools: Citizen Usage and Effects on Satisfaction of Government

    JIA Zhemin, LI Wenjing
    2017, 30 (2): 1-9.   DOI: 10.13766/j.bhsk.1008-2204.2016.0358

    Based on a questionnaire survey in Beijing, this study firstly displays the status of citizen usage of government digital tools, including Weibo, WeChat and APP. Chinese citizens prefer to use governmental Wechat primarily, followed by governmental App and Weibo. Secondly, the paper examines socio-demographic variables, general usage of new media, political interests and political knowledge as dependent variables while using three digital tools as independent variables. The final OLS model shows that general new media use and using other tools are strong predictors. Thirdly, the study finds that using governmental Wechat positively would enhance the citizens' satisfaction with government. Using governmental micro blogs only positively affected their perceptions of information openness, and using governmental APP could positively influence on both information openness and responsiveness satisfactions.

    Vonnegut's Ethical Notion of Ecological Postmodernism to Reconstruct An Ecological Society

    CHEN Shidan
    2017, 30 (3): 92-97,115.   DOI: 10.13766/j.bhsk.1008-2204.2017.0014

    Just as literary criticism of ethics indicates, literature is the product of morality, "literature is the unique expressional form of ethical concepts and moral life in a specific period of history, and literature is essentially art of ethics".In his fiction, Kurt Vonnegut, the renowned American contemporary fictionist, deeply concerned about human existence and fate in the postmodern times or the post-industrial society or late capitalism, insists on utilizing the ethic of ecological postmodernism that recognizes differences, promotes mutual tolerance, and harmonious co-existence of all the component parts of the universe, for establishing ecological social ideology, constructing extended families that can save human beings, and resuming the interconnection and wholeness of man and man, man and the world. Vonnegut further emphasizes the ethical spirit of ecological postmodernism for man living in the agglomerate culture, aiming at reconstructing a democratic, harmonious, and ecological human society in which all lives care for and love each other. The postmodern ethic that runs through Vonnegut's fiction has an important epistemological value and realistic meaning for promoting human beings to advance ceaselessly towards a healthy, ecologically sustainable society.

    Construction and Improvement of Community on the Perspective of Governance: Interpretation Based on the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee Community Governance Cases

    ZHANG Banghui
    2021, 34 (2): 1-7.   DOI: 10.13766/j.bhsk.1008-2204.2020.0596
    Improving the social governance community system is proposed during the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC). As an extension of the social governance community, the community plays an important role in implementing the requirement of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee. Based on the Marxist community thought and constructivism theory, this paper combines the community governance case to study the construction and improvement strategy of community under the governance requirements of the new era, from such three dimensions as consensus, action and structure. Our research shows that: community consciousness comes from the recognition, cohesion and guidance of community values, and emphasizes the responsibilities and obligations of community construction; community actions involve the formation of consensus action goals and the efficiency of integration, including community space resource integration and organizational integration; community governance structure is the transformation of the relationship between community subjects from tree-like separation to network-like connection in the process of consensus and action.

    2021, 34 (4): 0-0.  

    The Impact Analysis of Trainee Readiness on Training Effectiveness

    Cai Xiaoshen, Li Li
    2014, 27 (2): 7-10.   DOI: 10.13766/j.bhsk.1008-2204.2013.0215

    Training of civil servants at the basic level has always been the key to the quality improvement of the personnel of public administration. Training effectiveness has aroused the attention of both theorists and practical workers. Inview of the previous research on the trainee readiness, the paper puts forward the concept of readiness of training of Chinese civil servants at the basic level. The paper establishes seven dimensions and scales and a questionnaire survey is conducted to test the hypothesis of each dimension.Through the discussion on the relationship between the various dimensions and the training effectiveness, the paper builds a relationship model of the readiness of the training with the expectation to promote the training effectiveness of Chinese civil servants at the basic level.

    Ethical Risk of AI and Its Governance

    GUO Rui
    2020, 33 (6): 18-23.   DOI: 10.13766/j.bhsk.1008-2204.2020.0483
    The new round of technological revolution, represented by the research, development and application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, has brought complex ethical issues and governance challenges while improving people's lives. In order to address these issues and challenges, this paper analyzes the nature of the AI ethical risks from the dimensions of algorithm, data and application. The paper also surveys typical ethical risks from various case studies, and proposes a sustainable risk management approach. Based on the approach, the paper makes several policy recommendations on how to manage the ethical risk in AI.

    Acceleration of Transformation of Old Residential Areas in Cities and Towns: Co-construction and Co-governance to Promote People-oriented Urbanization

    JIANG Ling
    2021, 34 (2): 8-12.   DOI: 10.13766/j.bhsk.1008-2204.2020.0597
    The government should pay attention to what peoples concerns. The transformation of old residential areas in cities and towns is an important starting point to promot new urbanization, build people-oriented cities, and create high-quality living spaces for the people in the new era. It is also an important project related to people's livelihood, development and modernization of social governance. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the value orientation of "people-oriented cities serve people"; to conform to the new development stage, new development concept, and new development pattern of the times; to creatively solve the problems of the transformation of old residential areas; to promote the transformation of old residential areas with high-quality and efficiency; and to speed up the construction of a modern governance system of "co-construction, co-governance and sharing".

    Current Situation, Cause of Flight Delays and Governance Path of China’s Civil Aviation

    Dong Nianqing
    2013, 26 (6): 25-32.  

    China's flight delays have been getting worse in recent years, so more attention should be paid by civil aviation industry and the public. In order to improve the situation, the first step is to find the real root cause of flight delays. The reasons of flight delays that are recognized by the industry management department and experts are not the fundamental cause, so it cannot find out effective measures to deal with the flight delays. The primary cause of flight delays is the contradiction between the rapid growth of the aviation transportation and the limited use of airspace resources, and the other three contradictions. Therefore, we should aim at the four major contradictions and find a way to solve the contradictions, and step by step, flight delays can be improved.

    Contemporary Shi Zhe-cun

    WENG Ju-fang
    2010, 23 (3): 72-75.  

    From the earlier imitation of Edgar Allan Poe’s gothic novels to the later crea tion of fantastic novels, Shi Zhe-cun was deeply influenced by Edgar Allan Poe. However, Shi Zhe-cun’novels tend to show a kind of mind and put emphasis on t he theme "fear". Fearful mind is an original feeling of man whose direction ca nnot be recognized and is difficult to express clearly, while Edgar Allan Poe’s novels put emphasis on the theme "terror" and try to show a terrifying scene. Although the strange stories in Edgar Allan Poe’s novels bring readers some te rrifying experience, he cannot go deep in the people’s heart. From this point o f view, we can say that Shi Zhe-cun’s novels have surpassed Edgar Allan Poe’s .

    The Status and Problems of the Five Outer Space Treaties

    BO Shou-xing
    2009, 22 (1): 38-42.  

    The Outer Space Treaty and the other four main treaties constitute the foundatio n of the international outer space law. They established the main system of the outer space activities. Now they are confronting many problems and challenges. T his article focus on these problems and challenges and gives some advice as to t he status of the astronauts, the concept of the lunching states, etc.


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