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Design of trusted Java card code loading mechanism
Xu Yixi, Zhang Qishan, Liu Jianwei,*
School of Electronics and Information Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing 100191, China

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ժҪ ��������ż���ƽ̨(TCP,Trusted Computing Platform)����Ĵ����������,�������Java��Ϊ����,�Դ���ǩ������Ϊ��Ҫ�ֶ�,�Կ��ڵİ�ȫ��(security domain)��Ϊ�������Ȩ��(Java���豸���з���Ӧ���ṩ��)��ȫ����ִ���ߵĿ��Ŵ��������.�»���֧���豸���з������װ�غ͸���,������Ӧ���ṩ����ȫ���װ�غ͸�������,���������������ݽṹ����������.������ڸ���Ӧ�û�����,������Ȩ���໥����������������,��������˹��㲥ʽ��������,��չ�˴�ͳJava�����װ��ģʽ,�����ϵͳ�İ�ȫ��,Ϊʹ��Java��ƽ̨���п��ż����ṩ����.
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Abstract�� Based on the requirements of the trusted computing platform (TCP) program code management, a trusted code management framework was proposed. The Java card technique was the core of the framework. The code signature technique was adopted for the program loading authentication while the on-card security domains were created as the off-card software authorities- security policies executors. The novel mechanism supported the installation and hot update of the device issuer software, promoted the installation and update procedure of the application provider software, and expanded the code-loading command data structure. The framework implemented the un-manual code broadcast distribution with the limitation of mutual independency of all software authorities under the hostile environment. This advanced Java card software loading mode improves the system-s security, and enables the trusted computing on the Java card platform.
Keywords�� Java card   trusted computing platform   code-loading   code signature     
Received 2008-01-23;
About author: ������(1978��),��,�Ĵ�������,��ʿ��,xyx.buaa@gmail.com.
������, ������, ����ΰ.Java���Ŀ��Ŵ���װ�ػ������[J]  �������պ����ѧѧ��, 2009,V35(1): 32-35
Xu Yixi, Zhang Qishan, Liu Jianwei, .Design of trusted Java card code loading mechanism[J]  JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF AERONAUTICS AND A, 2009,V35(1): 32-35
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