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�������պ����ѧѧ�� 2009, Vol. 35 Issue (12) :1446-1450    DOI:
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Analysis of heat transfer and flow characteristics of composite wicks of loop heat pipes
Bai Lizhan, Lin Guiping*
School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing 100191, China

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Abstract�� Loop heat pipe is one of the most advanced thermal control devices in the spacecraft thermal control system, whereas high quality wicks are the key components for its efficient and reliable operation. To improve the overall performance of the wicks, composite wicks are the developing trend. The mathematical model of the two-layer composite wicks applied in loop heat pipes with a cylindrical evaporator was established, and its heat transfer and flow characteristics especially the effect of the applied heat loads and ratio of the inner and outer layer wick thickness were analyzed. Meanwhile, the performance of the composite wick was compared with that of the single structure wick. The modeling results show that the composite wick can acquire not only high capillary forces and evaporation efficiency, but also low flow resistance and radial conductance, and its overall performance is far better than that of single structure wick. When the size of the composite wick is fixed, as the ratio of the inner and outer layer wick thickness increases, its radial conductance and flow resistance decrease, which contributes to the efficient operation of loop heat pipes.
Keywords�� heat pipe   composite structure   heat transfer   pressure drop     
Received 2008-11-24;


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����ս, �ֹ�ƽ.��·�ȹܸ���о�������������Է���[J]  �������պ����ѧѧ��, 2009,V35(12): 1446-1450
Bai Lizhan, Lin Guiping.Analysis of heat transfer and flow characteristics of composite wicks of loop heat pipes[J]  JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF AERONAUTICS AND A, 2009,V35(12): 1446-1450
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